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Reduced Menu

Reduced Menu

Reduced menu 


As we currently have restrictions in place and less staff working in our kitchen we are running a reduced menu at present. below is our current menu plus we have the addition of some specials.  we thank you for your understanding at this time. 



Homemade Cream of Tomato Soup - G/W*          £ 5.00          V

With a warm crusty brown roll


Crispy Battered Haggis Balls - D*          £ 7.75

Served with our creamy whisky sauce and salad


Garlic Bread / with cheese

*PLEASE NOTE THIS TAKES 15 MINUTES TO COOK          £3.20 / £ 3.80



Beer Battered Chicken Goujons - D                                            £13.50    

Served with fresh chips, lettuce, tomato and coleslaw


Breaded Scottish Wholetail Scampi with our Homemade Tartare Sauce    £12.00    

Deep fried and served with chips & garden peas 


Big ‘Yin Half Pound Burger  served in a Brioche bun with chips- GW*      £13.00

lettuce, Tomato and coleslaw - with cheese add 60p 

(Please note this dish takes 25 minutes to cook, so enjoy a starter while you wait)


Spaghetti tossed in a Rich Tomato Sauce - D                                  £11.00                    V

Topped with parmesan shavings


Homemade Spaghetti BologneseG/D*                                        £12.50    

Topped with parmesan shavings


Beer Battered North Sea Haddock with our Homemade Tartare Sauce - D* £14.00    

served with fresh chips & garden peas


Veggie Burger served in a Brioche bun served with fresh chips,            £11.00                    V

Lettuce, tomato and coleslaw


 Freshly Baked Baguette (Brown or White) - Served with crisps and salad    £7.00

 Ham or Cheese or Ham and Cheese (add 60p for Ham and cheese)                   




Sticky Toffee Pudding served with Ice Cream, cream or custard             £6.00


Selection of Luxury Mackies Icecreams  - G*/W*                               £2.20, £4.20, £6.00

Choose 1, 2 or 3 scoops of your choice from the following: Vanilla, Strawberry, Mint Choc chip, Honeycomb or Chocolate


Selection of Award Winning Luvians Scottish Sorbets - G*/W*                £2.20, £4.20, £6.00

Choose 1, 2 or 3 scoops.  Please ask staff for flavours


Cheesecake of the Day – Please ask a member of staff                        £ 6.00    




 Many thanks for supporting out business at this time and we ask for your patience as things have changed quite a bit.  Please if you have any dietary requirements let our staff know.  We have Gluten Free bread available as well as Gluten Free pasta. 

G= Gluten Free      W= Wheat Free    D= Dairy Free    *= without bread, sauce or cheese element


About Us

The Park Family - Having been at the Lade since 2005, we are a family team comprising of Dad, Mum, Son, daughter in law and dog.  Our recipe for success consists of a huge helping of tasty, local produce, washed down with fabulous Real Ales, accompanied with live Scottish music and all served in a family friendly environment baked with passion.

We're not saying the mixture comes out perfect each time however it's getting smoother and more consistent with experience. So why not come and give us a taste?  We have a dedicated team of Staff who all work hard to provide great Customer service.  


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