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Our Environmental Commitment

Green BusinessHere at the Lade in the Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park we are committed to providing excellent, friendly service whilst minimising the impact we have on the beautiful surroundings and wildlife. 

By thinking more carefully about how we interact with our environment we hope to help maintain the wild beauty of this area and make a difference for our children’s and future generations.

Initiatives we have adopted to help do our bit:

  • Being part of the STB Green Tourism Business Scheme to demonstrate our commitment to behaving in an environmentally responsible way.
  • Using local produce to give you the freshest, tastiest food whilst supporting our local businesses and reducing pollution via road and air miles.
  • Developing our garden habitat to help protect our local bird and wildlife.
  • Creating an informative nature room for your children to learn about our local area and promote environmental awareness.
  • Providing information for you to take part in eco-friendly activities in the immediate area; walking, fishing, cycling and bird watching.
  • Ensuring the majority of our marketing activities and communications are email or web based.
  • Using chemical products that do not harm the environment where we can.
  • Active participants of the RSPB and Bird of Prey Trail to promote our local feathered residents and encourage others to support their causes.
  • Promoting artists and musicians to raise awareness of local crafts and skills.
  • Consultations with Envirowise for responsible and safe treatment of our waste effluent and the Energy Saving Trust for reducing our energy usage.

The focus for all our business practices is the well known acronym Reduce, Reuse, Recycle We implement a number of initiatives in our everyday activities to deliver this philosophy:

Reducing the amount of energy we consume with:

  • energy efficient lighting and controlling the times the lights are used.
  • investing in zone controlled heating, walk in refridgeration, roof insulation, double glazing and replacing our boiler with an energy efficient condensing model
  • ongoing monitoring of our energy usage

Reducing the waste we produce through:

  • insisting on suppliers using minimal packaging for deliveries and we use local suppliers as much as we can
  • using only towels (changed daily) and cold air dryers in the toilets instead of paper towels

Reducing the water we use via:

  • monitoring our usage and educating staff
  • water saving devices in the urinals
  • recycling rainwater for use on the garden by using pond water and watering cans

Reusing materials to make better use of resources:

  • paper for internal notes and staff communication
  • wooden fruit crates and newspapers for kindling to heat our Bothy bar
  • scavenged wood from local Forestry Commission for garden furniture and for using in the fire
  • growing our own vegetables and herbs

Recycling products to reduce our environmental impact

all glass, cardboard, aluminium cans, newspaper, milk bottles, oil drums, wooden crates, packaging from delivery's, paper from old menu's (used for drawing paper) and our cooking oil is recycled.  

Central to our business is you our customer and we care about what you think- if you have any comments to make about this policy or would like to suggest some improvements to our operations please talk to a member of staff or Frank Park.

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